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  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇1


  Today we had a Chinese unit test. The teacher said, "we did well in the test today, because there are many people working hard."


  I am very happy that I did better in this test than in the last one, but some people say that my score is covered. I feel very angry and sad. I want to prove that Im not hoodwinked. Im going to show it by action. Im going to work harder for full marks.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇2

  Today Mailehaoduo clothes, and parents take to the streets is happy, the parents have to pay to buy things. Unlike in their street to buy things they like to take a long time but saw the price, Ha-ha, is really very happy. I love my parents, I too thank them for the care and love. 今天买了好多衣服,和父母上街就是愉快,买东西有父母帮付钱。不像平时自己上街买东西碰到喜欢的但看了价钱都要考虑好久,呵呵,真的是很开心。我爱我的父母,太感谢他们对我的关心和爱戴了。

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇3

  Today my parents took me to my grandfather’s house. I played with my cousin. Suddenly my cousin suggested going to the park and having a rest. “that’s a good idea.” I said. Then we prepared for the traveling. After lunch, the sky turned dark. After that , it rained heavily. It meant our plan is impossible. What a pity day!


  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇4

  Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, my family have had a completely cleaning for two days. Then my father and I decorated our flat and my mother cooked delicious food for our meal. After supper we watched TV program. How happy we were!

  明天是春节,我家里以近在两天前做了彻底的大扫除。然后我和爸爸一起装饰家里,妈妈则在烧好吃的东西。晚饭以后,我们一起看 电视节目,我们多高兴呀!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇5


  On May 4, my father took me to Ningbo with my mother, grandma and my fathers good friends. This is my first trip to Ningbo. I am very excited.


  In the morning, we drove to Siming Mountain Resort. The villa is full of tall and big mountains and lush trees. We went fishing first, then came to the langu rock along the winding and uneven mountain road, and watched the waterfall flying straight down. My father and I splashed under it and threw stones into the water, and I couldnt laugh.


  The next day we came to Dongqian Lake, a tourist resort, where the scenery is pleasant and surrounded by water. We walked in slowly, and finally returned to our destination by speedboat.


  I had a good time on May Day.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇6


  Today is my birthday. Its a very happy day.


  In the evening, when I went to the song bar for my birthday, my mother said to me, "there will be many children in the song bar." Im thrilled to say that.


  Come to the song in the evening. My mother gave me a teddy bear. Its lovely with black eyes. I really like it. When I arrived, singing began. I wanted to eat cake for a long time, but my mother said that I could eat it at nine oclock. My mouth watering. Finally, at nine oclock, my mother lit a happy birthday song for me, then lit a birthday candle, let me make a wish, and my friends sang a happy birthday song for me. After I made a wish, I cut a cake for every child. Its so busy!


  I really want to be more wonderful next year!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇7


  ”Although I cant catch bass, I can catch big fish.


  Today, my mother and I went fishing on the farm. I used rice grains as bait to hang on the hook. I swung hard, and the buoy stood up. I waited for the fish to hook calmly. At this time, the buoy sank. I knew that the fish had hooked, and I was very happy. But I told myself not to worry. After a while, the buoy ran up again. I cried in my heart, and quickly closed the bar. A big fish jumped in front of me Jump around, one or two , I fished seven in a row. Thats it. I came back with full load.


  Today, Im so happy!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇8


  At seven oclock in the morning, its drizzling outside the window. Its really a disgusting weather. I walked out of the door slowly with my umbrella and took the bus to school.


  The air on the car is very stuffy, the floor is wet, people are crowded and everyone looks anxious. An old man fell down accidentally. I looked out of the window bored and thought that if I invented a high-tech raincoat, it would not rain on the road again, and passers-by would not fall because of the road slide

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇9


  This morning, I played a little game of knowledge in the shop. After playing chess with my classmates, I was not allowed to back when the soldiers were only walking. The soldiers played chess with guns. Like the soldiers in command, the soldiers walked obliquely, like the flying fields, the horses jumped on the day, and the cars crashed.


  Every time I use a carriage, I win two sets of chess. I win the first day of horse jumping, and I win the second day when he is handsome and sent to my cart.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇10


  At noon today, I picked up rice when I had nothing to do. I was good at rice washing, but I couldnt pour water. Rice was like naughty children jumping into the basin. I have an idea: wash rice like hand washing. I just did that, but soon the rice was crumpled by me.


  I said mom did it. Mom came to see the rice was rotten. When we eat, the rice is rotten, but we eat it very delicious, because its made by me.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇11


  Tuesday, June 19 rain


  After dinner, mom was cleaning the table, and Dad brought the bowl to the kitchen. Looking at their busy appearance, I thought: let me help my mother wash chopsticks!


  I ran to the kitchen, poured water into the basin, and imitated my mothers appearance. I poured some detergent into the water, then put the chopsticks in, and rubbed them up and down with the cleaning ball. Wash again with water, ha ha, chopsticks are clean!


  Mom and dad laughed when they saw the clean chopsticks. My father said to my mother, "our baby has grown up!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇12


  Today we had a Chinese unit test. The teacher said, "we did well in the test today, because there are many people working hard."


  I am very happy that I did better in this test than in the last one, but some people say that my score is covered. I feel very angry and sad. I want to prove that Im not hoodwinked. Im going to show it by action. Im going to work harder for full marks.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇13


  This evening after school, I still take the No. 8 bus home, sitting in a chair and looking at the scenery outside the window. After a while, an old lady came up and stood beside the chair with a sigh, leaning on crutches and seeing that there was no seat in the car. I got up and helped my grandmother to sit in my seat. The old lady smiled kindly and said, "what a sensible and good child!"


  I was very happy after listening.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇14


  Today, my friends and I invited to play basketball. Basketball is a dangerous sport because there will be many collisions between us.


  When we were fighting fiercely, I bumped forward hard, and he fell down and wiped blood on his elbow. I was a little flustered at that time. I immediately helped him up and said sorry. We didnt make any noise. In this way, our friendship lasted for a long time.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇15


  Early in the morning, before we got up, grandma called us back and said that it was Dads uncle who was coming. "Mommy, whats my name, daddys uncle? Am I uncle?" "little fool, your name is uncle! Get up soon, your uncle will be here soon!" after washing, its time for us to meet the guests!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇16


  Mothers love is like the sun in winter, which warms me all the time. Mothers love is like the wind in summer, which gives us cool.


  I remember once when I had chickenpox and was covered with blisters. I was itchy and couldnt catch them with my hands. I was very sad. The doctor told me, "keep warm and dont blow. Otherwise, chickenpox will grow again.


  One day, I was in class in the classroom, because it was very hot for my classmates to finish their PE class, so I opened the window, the wind was blowing, I couldnt avoid it, my hands were frozen stiff, my body was red with cold.


  At this time, a familiar voice came from outside the classroom. I saw that it was my mother. She took her coat and said, "are you cold?"? "I said," its not cold. "My mother put on my clothes before she heard me finish, and touched my head with her hand." do you have a fever? "My whole body is warm. I think my mother is very kind to me! I want to repay my mother with my good grades.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇17


  On Sunday, I went back to my hometown with my father and sister. My father bought roast chicken, Yuanbao.


  On the way, I want to go to sleep in front, but my sister is in front, so I have to sleep in the back to my hometown. When I got home, I asked my father for two yuan to buy magic snowflake. I had lunch. There were roast chicken on the table and my favorite cold skin.


  In the afternoon, when we went home, we bought two small rabbits, the big one is ruby, the small one is quiet. The second uncle said that he would buy me a Dutch pig next time he came! I had a good day.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇18


  Another hot summer vacation, my mother signed me up for a swimming class. I thought it was fun, but I didnt think it was much fun after I went to the first class, so I began to be afraid, because the first class taught me to be angry, I just didnt dare to get my face into the water, I wanted to go home at that time, but it was not the time to go.


  My mood is afraid and I want to go home. But the next day I emboldened myself to go on. I didnt expect that I succeeded. I made more than 20 moves!


  Im slowly emboldened. In the end, I can go down without pinching my nose. When I finish my study, I begin to learn to float.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇19


  Today, when I came home from school, I saw a beautiful tree on the road. The leaves on this tree are like a small fan. There are many stripes on the leaves, just like the folding prints of small folding fans, one by one, very beautiful! Its autumn now. The yellow leaves on the ground look golden from afar. Its so lovely!


  I love autumn! Love the beautiful nature more!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇20


  I dont know who said that life is like a journey. We are aimless and dont know the way back. However, we are persistent in walking, serious forward, and strive to hold our heads high. Along the way, we love, we hate, we are angry, we are indifferent, we use every delicate fingerprint on our fingers to feel, we use every kiss of our upper and lower eyelashes to kiss.


  To record, we remember with every leap of our heart, we have with every gram of calcium in our bones. Those love and gentleness in life, written on the journey of life, is everlasting.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇21


  This evening, I took the basin to the toilet.


  When I got the water, I put my foot in. Ah ah! Its too hot. I took my feet out, and the heat turned red on my feet.


  Mom came and put her foot in, just like me. Ah ah!


  Its not hot after a while. I rubbed the dust on my feet again.


  Im so happy today.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇22


  Today, I was swimming in Yuanshen gymnasium. Today, my coach taught me how to learn breaststroke. He patiently and carefully explained the basic essentials of breaststroke to me and gave me a demonstration action. According to the requirements of the coach, I learn the breaststroke a little bit. I am confident to learn the breaststroke well and try to learn it early.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇23


  From yesterday, the light rain on the next non-stop, until noon, finally stopped. Listen, the north wind howling here makes people tremble. Its changing. The weather forecast says there is still light snow today. The weather is so bad that everyone is afraid to go out in the room. Look, grandma Zhang next door has bought vegetables. Her frozen nose is red and her lips are purple. Watch TV at home and have some hot tea!

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇24


  Today is September 22, our family go to Dazhong lake to play.


  When I came to Dazhong Lake Tourist Resort, I saw a boat made of reed, called guluzhou. I boarded the boat and looked down to see a group of small fish swimming in the water. They have all kinds of colors, including flowers, red and golden.


  Then we got into the reed maze in a boat. The waves behind the boat rocked the reed. There is a magpie nest on the tree beside the lake. The little magpie makes a chirp in the nest. The boat took us seven or eight turns and finally returned to the starting place.


  I had a great time today! I didnt see the moon because its cloudy today.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇25


  Today, its snowing all the time. Its the biggest snow in my memory.


  In the morning, before I got up, I heard my mothers excited cry: "get up, look at the snow. I havent seen such a big snow in more than ten years..." I couldnt help but want to see the amazing snow scene of my mother, so I quickly put on my clothes and saw through the window that all the objects outside the window were white, and the world seemed to be very clean in a moment.


  Mom and I came to the yard together, making castles and snowfights.

  初一英语日记带翻译考试 篇26

  20xx年x月x日 星期x 天气x

  Sunday, xx, xxxx weather x


  Today, we arrived at Badaling Great Wall by train.


  As soon as I climbed the Great Wall, I thought it was very steep, because all the ladders were straight up and down, and there were many slopes. They went up, down and on. The most interesting thing is that there are sword towers on the Great Wall! And there is a drainage ditch in that sword building!


  How thoughtful the ancients thought!


  The Great Wall is dangerous!